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7 Good Reasons not to Fear Part 7

We are a people hungry for guidance. We long for direction. People seek direction in so many places: horoscopes, fortune tellers, spiritual experiences and the like. We are like wanderers in the desert crying out to God, "Show me the way! Give me a sign! Just write in the sky, so I can see it."

God is wanting to lead us, but the question is; do we want His guidance?

The children of Israel had just left Egypt and they were now traveling to the Promised Land. Trouble was, they knew nothing about God's ways and how He leads His children. Join us on Sundays for a new series entitled "When God Leads" as we discuss some important principles about living our lives in the leadership of the Holy Spirit.

You can view the message at by clicking on the live stream link at the top of this page.


Pastor Kevin

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