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Restoring Your Hope of Future Glory

We are continuing our series on the book of Haggai entitled: “Bring Back the Glory.” Last week, we talked about the fact that the Lord is desiring to restore the spiritual passion of the people. They had left off working on the temple because they were discouraged with the idea that in their efforts to rebuild it, that it would never measure up to the beauty and majesty of the original temple. But God is wanting to encourage them with the thought that the glory of the rebuilt temple will be greater than the glory of Solomon’s temple.

Haggai 2:6 “For thus says the Lord of hosts: ‘Once more (it is a little while) I will shake heaven and earth, the sea and dry land; 7and I will shake all nations, and they shall come to the Desire of All Nations, and I will fill this temple with glory,’ says the Lord of hosts. 8‘The silver is Mine, and the gold is Mine,’ says the Lord of hosts. 9‘The glory of this latter temple shall be greater than the former,’ says the Lord of hosts. ‘And in this place I will give peace,’ says the Lord of hosts.”

Now the prophet is beginning to talk about this about-to-be rebuilt temple in terms of future, prophetic events that will take place that will be magnificent, glorious, and earth-shaking. And what he's telling these people is that this Temple, this house that they're beginning to work on again may look like nothing compared to the former but future Glory is coming. Because it will be the place that the Messiah will come to.

You may look at yourself and say “there's no potential here”, but if you are a believer, you are the Temple of the Holy Spirit, and future glory is coming. As you surrender yourself to God to do His will, He will fill you with His glory and beauty. You may look at your present body that God has given you and say “there's nothing much to boast about” but God sees you as glorious. Your present body will one day be “glorified”- made like Jesus’ body in terms of the glory and splendor.

Join us in person on Sunday at 10:00 a.m. or via livestream by going to and clicking on livestream for “Restoring Your Hope in Future Glory.”

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