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“ Facing the Giants”

We have begun a series of Easter messages entitled: “The Power of “But.” “But” is a conjunction that connects two different ideas…it's an escape clause – it sometimes brings disappointment – but…very often the word “but” brings hope from despair; it brings positivity from negative circumstances. I once was lost - but now I'm found!

I'm looking at Psalm 22 which is a remarkable Psalm written by David. It's a dreadful time for David - it's a dark time – and all of Psalm 22 is a prophetic glimpse of what will happen a thousand years later when Christ comes to earth and dies on the cross. So, today we want to talk about the fact that “we may be struck down but we're not destroyed.” To be struck down sounds very ominous; it sounds like death, it sounds very final. Actually in King James the phrase “struck down” means to be “cast down” …. when the giants come our way, they seem unstoppable, unbeatable and formidable.

We may face the giant; opposition may come, we may be struck down, we may lay on the ground but we are never destroyed, killed or defeated. Let's look at these giants that David is referring to; he had many opponents come against him in his day.

Psalm 22:11 Be not far from Me, For trouble is near; For there is none to help.12 Many bulls have surrounded Me; Strong bulls of Bashan have encircled Me. 13 They gape at Me with their mouths, Like a raging and roaring lion.14 I am poured out like water, and all My bones are out of joint; My heart is like wax; It has melted within Me. 15 My strength is dried up like a potsherd, and My tongue clings to My jaws; You have brought Me to the dust of death.

The Bulls of Bashan…they are a dreadful foe; this is the devil and his minions - principalities, powers, rulers; hosts of wickedness in high places….they are dreadful, formidable opponents. These are prophetic words written about Jesus Himself.

It seems like the enemy has our Savior completely surrounded -  there is no escaping…. This is Jesus being swarmed by the Roman guard at His scourging and as He carried his cross up to Calvary. He was completely exhausted, depleted, there was no strength to carry on…but He did not experience defeat, because He submitted to the Father, not the enemy.

Christ may have been stuck down BUT He was Not Destroyed or Defeated. Jesus prays one last prayer of desperation to the Father in order for Him to save Him and deliver Him from the power of the enemy .

 Psalm 22:19 But You, O Lord, do not be far from Me; O My Strength, hasten to help Me! 20 Deliver Me from the sword, My precious life from the power of the dog. 21 Save Me from the lion’s mouth and from the horns of the wild oxen! You have answered Me.

And God the Father heard His Son, and delivered Him from the jaws of death; and raised Him to new life.

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