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7 Good Reasons why we should "Fear Not". Part 1

Good Afternoon !

I trust you all are well, we miss you all and look forward to being with you again

We are beginning a new series based on Isaiah ch.43 which says repeatedly that we should “Fear Not !”....and as you examine the contents of this chapter, you see that there are at least 7 good reasons why we should Not Fear 😊

Part 1 of this series “Back to the Garden” can be viewed at this link:

We will exploring these reasons over the next 7 weeks…this week, the first “good reason” is that we are God’s unique creation, He has formed us with a plan, purpose and destiny that is unique to us alone! May you experience God’s perfect love that “casts out all fear”

I John 4:18

Love and blessings...

Pastor Kevin and Louise

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