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“ Job: Man of Integrity ”

We have been doing a series of messages about Job, the patriarch from the Old Testament. The title of the series is “Job: Patient Endurance and Faithfulness.” Last time, we talked about Job’s reaction to his calamity…that in the face of disaster he “blessed” God. This Sunday, Father’s Day, I want to talk about Job being a man of the utmost integrity.

We're moving into round two of this discussion between God and the devil. Satan again comes to present himself before God. And God again points out Job as an example of being blameless and righteous to Satan.

Job 2: 3 Then the Lord said to Satan, “Have you considered My servant Job, that there is none like him on the earth, a blameless and upright man, one who fears God and shuns evil? And still he holds fast to his integrity, although you incited Me against him, to destroy him without cause.”

Now there's a word for you - integrity. There is so little of that in today's world that we are hard-pressed to know what it means or to properly define it. A man of integrity doesn’t bend the truth to try to deceive, he doesn't try to gain advantage by omitting the truth; he is honest and forthright…the word actually means “completeness.” People of integrity are whole and complete within themselves, they are undivided in their loyalty, they won't pretend friendship and then after they have used someone up, kick them to the curb ...they are people of integrity. How we need men of integrity in our world today; in our churches … people who say what they mean and mean what they say, people who are loyal to the cause of Christ, who will stand with God come what may.

Now in this chapter, three people have been talking about Job's integrity. First of all God declared it. God had pointed out to Satan that despite his best efforts to destroy him that Job held fast to his integrity….he would not back down from his relationship with God. Secondly, the devil denounced Job's integrity, he placed it in doubt .

Job 2:5 But stretch out Your hand now, and touch his bone and his flesh, and he will surely curse You to Your face!”

Unfortunately, Job’s wife; while he's sitting in the ashes and scraping himself with the pottery, utters these words; “Are you still holding on to your integrity? Curse God and die.”

How does the man of integrity respond to his wife when she is not supporting him and is speaking words that don’t line up with what he knows to be true about God. Job continued to love his wife, even though she made some dreadful recommendations to him; thankfully he didn't follow through on them. Job spoke the truth lovingly, he lived out his faith boldly, he guarded his lips carefully and he loved her unconditionally. Are you a person of integrity in the sight of God? Are you willing to hold onto your faith and your trust in God regardless of what may come.

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