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“ Valour: In an Orange Jumpsuit ”

​We have been doing a series of messages about Job, the patriarch from the Old Testament. The title of the series is “Job: Patient Endurance and Faithfulness.” Last time, we talked about Job saying: “I need a Mediator. “I can't state my case before God. And this foreshadows the coming of Jesus, our Mediator.

This week I want to explore Job’s profession or declaration of faith. It's important for us to give a profession of our faith….to give witness of who we are in Christ. But Job’s declaration regarding his faith in God is different, it stands out because it's bold, it's daring, it's reckless. It's the kind of declaration that says: “come what may, even though I am threatened with death…I will serve the Lord.”

Job 13:15 Though He (God)slay me, yet will I trust Him.

There was a tenor singer, Steve Green who had a song called “I will serve the Lord”, the chorus goes "And if God should choose and my life I lose, though my foe may slay me I will serve the Lord.” There's not too many people singing that song these days; it's not very popular. It's not a welcome thought in North America that we would have to suffer persecution or even death for the cause of Christ.

We don't even know how to define that kind of faith or resolve or determination to serve Christ? Is it courage? loyalty? allegiance? I suppose the best word is “Valour” meaning: courage, might, strength under fire. The medal of valour is given to those who exercise courage in the face of death. So, Job is saying “even though death may come my way, yet will I trust Him;” is a statement of valour, it comes from those whose hearts are “Valiant.”

In 2015, 21 Christians were executed by ISIS in Libya, all wearing orange jumpsuits. They had the opportunity to renounce their faith but after the first man (nicknamed “The Lion”), declined the opportunity and was put to the sword, the backbone of others was stiffened. And all 21 were beheaded for their faith.

What circumstances may give rise to me having that kind of valiant attitude? Would conditions ever arise in our world that would necessitate us having this kind of “Tho’ He slay me yet will I trust Him” attitude? If conditions did arise; what would that valiant attitude look like?

The Bible speaks of those who have been martyred for the faith, and also speaks of those in the future who are valiant, tribulation believers…..they've recognized that they need to follow Christ and the cost for them exercising their faith in Christ will be that most of them will die for their faith.

Revelation 12:11 And they have conquered him (devil) by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of their testimony, for they loved not their lives even unto death.

Those who have given their lives for the sake of the gospel, have overcome the enemy by: the blood of the Lamb (through faith in the work of the cross); the word of their testimony (Jesus says: “whoever acknowledges me I will acknowledge before the Father”); and “they loved not their lives even unto death.” They had an attitude of: “Tho’ He slay me; yet will I trust Him.”

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